15 kitchen trends for 2021 and how Covid has changed the way we use our homes

There’s barely an aspect of daily life that hasn’t been affected in some way by the global Coronavirus pandemic, and the way we use our home, specifically the kitchen, is no exception.

With people spending much more time at home, adults working from home and children homeschooling, the daily flow of our homes and the way that we use available space has become much more multi-functional and versatile than ever before. There has been a 75% Google search increase in people looking for kitchen island ideas to achieve more worktop space and additional seating.

One of the biggest increases in kitchen related Google searches has been for kitchen storage with a whopping 150% increase in people looking for expensive larders and pantries. With people doing fewer grocery shopping trips per week, and many families having reverted back to a ‘weekly shop’, our need for adequate and convenient storage space has grown.

Likewise, double front ‘American’ fridge freezers are continuing to grow in popularity with 70% more people searching for them than this time last year. As well as providing bigger capacity and the convenience of ice makers, these luxury appliances can also prolong the life of our fresh ingredients, enabling that weekly shop by keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

In the absence of restaurants and eating out, we are rediscovering a love of cooking and exploring new ways of preparing food - with many of us taking a keener interest in the provenance of the ingredients that we consume. Approximately 30% more people are looking at double ovens and 60% more people are researching wine coolers and wine storage as we are staying in rather than going out and celebrating occasions at home.

Our love of technology and instantaneous convenience is also extending into the kitchen, with a 50% increase in ‘smart kitchen’ searches and a 25% increase in popularity of multi taps that provide boiling hot water, chilled and sparkling water at your fingertips.

But as much as practicality dictates necessity, so is our mental health and wellbeing affected by our home environment.

Natural light can play an important role in our mental wellbeing, and more people are researching the latest options in glass walls, sliding doors, velux windows and light tubes as part of their kitchen design.

We are craving uncluttered spaces and empty worktops, and more people are asking us to design purpose built cupboards to ‘hide’ small appliances, with electrical sockets that allow toasters and food mixers to be used and then concealed behind closed doors.

Venting hobs with an integrated extractor which remove cooking smells and steam directly from the cooktop allow the eye line of the kitchen to remain streamlined without the interruption of overhead extractors. This emerging technology has benefited open plan kitchens greatly, when powerful extraction is essential to protect your soft furnishings and living spaces from being affected by what’s happening in the kitchen.

Two tone cabinetry in blues, greys and greens continue to be popular, with brass taps, copper accents and pops of colour to enhance our moods. And we are enjoying finer details in design, with patterned floors, herringbone tiles and textured finishes proving to be popular.

People are researching lighting options to help create ‘zones’ in their open plan kitchens, whilst providing adequate task and mood lighting, and to help the kitchen feel like part of the living space.


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