A recipe for exceptional kitchen design

Anyone can follow a recipe
A recipe is just a set of instructions after all. Follow them to the letter and the end result should be perfect. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Absolutely. But as we’ve seen on the Great British Bake Off and MasterChef, the same recipe cooked by several different contestants can often result in very different outcomes. And not all of them good.

Same recipe, different outcome
Anyone who’s ever tried to recreate a recipe ‘as demonstrated on TV’ will have encountered something similar. We’ve all been there. It takes just half an hour of tuning into the chef of the moment, be it Jamie Oliver or Tom Kerridge and we’re seduced by delicious visuals and their persuasive words, “This dish is proper lush and so easy to do at home. Honestly, give it a try.”

Before we know it we’ve succumed to the notion that we too could whip up a two-starred Michelin dish for Sunday lunch. And therein lies the problem.

Cooking times may vary
Our kitchen may not resemble the calm of Tom’s and we may not have time to enjoy a beer or walk the dog whilst the dish cooks, but we followed the recipe to the ‘T’. So, why doesn’t our attempt sing ‘as seen on TV’?

Well, it goes way beyond just following a recipe. It takes the experience, knowledge and palate of a chef to elevate a dish to sublime.

Ready in just 60 minutes
The same can be said of kitchen design. Over the years many home makeover TV shows have motivated us to take on DIY and transform our interiors.

Historically, 60 Minute Makeover demonstrated that a multitude of rooms could be transformed in just one hour. No room was off limits. Even the kitchen could be gutted and replaced in 60 minutes. Okay so the finish was often questionable, with a paint job reminiscent of the slapdash antics of Changing Rooms back in the 90s, but the recipients looked delighted with the results.

Meal for one
Clearly 60 Minute Makeover’s budget has been cut of late - they’re now down to transforming just one large room and very big on upcycling existing furniture. This could be a sign of the times or to accommodate the fee of new host, Peter Andre.

Budget and time constraints aside, these transformations are only possible thanks to a team of skilled trades people and a designer. Which goes some way to explaining why your own efforts of installing a new kitchen take more than just one hour-long episode. And why you encounter more dramas and hick-ups along the way.

Balancing the flavours
Whether we’re talking TV makeovers or reality, the designer is key to the whole process. Their experience, attention to detail and instinct takes kitchen design to a whole new level and is required to inject the wow factor. They take the key ingredients and transform them into an appetising, aesthetically pleasing design that’s big on functionality and most importantly, suits your lifestyle.

Designing and installing your own kitchen can be a recipe for disaster. Why not utilise our passion, expertise, attention to detail and design instinct to ensure your perfect kitchen? Give us a call on 01608 690 870 and we’ll start cooking on gas.