Have you seen the new BORA Cooktop Extractor?

Say goodbye to extractor hoods with the BORA Cooktop Extractor. Drawing cooking odours away as they arise with the 'physics of fluid dynamics', it's efficient, noiseless and achieves a 100% clean rate.

We are excited to be installing a BORA Cooktop Extractor as part of our showroom refurbishment in Shipston; this new extraction technique will completely revolutionise kitchen extraction as we know it. With a built in extractor on the hob plate, cooking odours are drawn away directly from the pan before they reach the airspace around the chef. Effective extraction is critical in combined living spaces which continue to be ever popular. Nobody wants soft furnishings or living spaces to be contaminated by what’s going on in the kitchen. Plus it’s noiseless too, no louder than a steak sizzling. Quite amazing.


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