Bread Nose Day; Baking Bread, Raising Dough for Comic Relief

As self confessed foodies, we love a fresh loaf of real bread as much as the next baker. So when we heard about Shipston’s Bread Nose Day we couldn’t wait get involved.

The charity bake is being run by Town Councillor and local event organiser Dan Scobie and Shipston Town Mayor, Philip Vial, who will be baking overnight in Bower Willis Designs town centre showroom. “Our Swiss VZug steam ovens are perfect for baking bread”, explains Angela Bower. “You simply set the temperature for baking and let the technology take care of baking the perfect loaf. The steam creates a delicious crispy crust and allows the yeast to work a little longer in the dough which keeps the insides soft. Steaming also eliminates constant watching so nothing is overcooked and nothing burns.”

“We can’t wait to enjoy the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread in our showroom on Saturday morning”.

With the support of local businesses and volunteers, Bread Nose Day hopes to raise £1,000 for Comic Relief.

The team will be baking a variety of loaves including 3 Malts, Pesto & Parmesan, Bacon & Red Onion, Wholemeal Sours, Foccacia, Fougasse and Seeded Whole. Preparations are well under way and the big bake will take place across Shipston kitchens overnight on Friday 13th March, ready to sell in the town square from 9am on Saturday morning. So if you love a good loaf, come along and help us raise some dough for a great cause!