Christmas Lunch doesn’t get much easier than this

Ah, so that’s what all that chatter on Twitter and Facebook was about. In a word, yes. To ensure you don’t miss out again, just keep your eyes peeled for details of our next great cooking demo in our Showroom in Shipston-On-Stour, Warwickshire.

So what did you miss?
Well, James Smith, Head of the V-ZUG UK Gourmet Academy whipped up a festive feast of deliciousness that demonstrated the benefits, versatility and ease of cooking with steam. Our V-ZUG combi-steam ovens were definitely the heroes of the night, showcasing their finest touch-button assets. These include programmable heat settings to within a degree and automatically calculated cooking times to ensure flavour and nutrients are retained with minimum-fuss cooking.

What was on the menu?
Butternut squash soup, beautifully cooked chicken with braised red cabbage, roast potatoes to die for, pigs in blankets, sticky roast parsnips in maple syrup, stuffing, broccoli, carrots, sprouts and gravy. Basically Christmas on a plate. Shall we go on? Okay, ridiculously moreish mini Christmas puddings and expertly paired wines and dessert wines, courtesy of Majestic Wine.

In fact, Majestic Wine recommends pairing either Ned Pinot Noir 2012, Marlborough or Saintsbury Chardonnay 2010 with your roast turkey this Christmas. And to accompany the mini Christmas puds, dessert wine Rustenberg Straw Wine, 2011.

So how did V-ZUG steam up Christmas Lunch?
Well, James utilised many of the ‘XSL’ combination steam and ‘Combair SLP’ ovens’ programmes to deliver his three-course Christmas feast. From the Hot Air + Steaming setting to cook the butternut squash perfectly for his soup starter and the succulent chicken for the main course. To the Hot Air setting for his scrummy pigs in blankets and the Steam setting for his vegetables and cute Christmas puds.

Sorry, you must be salivating by now. Why not take a look at the photos of the event to see just how delicious it was? And as a special treat, our next blog will feature James’ recipe for the gorgeous mini Christmas puds. We’re good to you, aren’t we?

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