Covid-19 Showroom Safety Measures

In line with Government guidance, we wil be re-opening our showroom on Tuesday 2nd June on a strict 'appointment only' basis.

Here are the safety measure we will be adopting to help us all stay safe while we are working together.

1. Appointment only

We are operating a strict ‘appointment only’ policy to control the number of people in our showroom.
Please telephone to book an appointment: 01608 690870

If you happen to pass our showroom and see that we do not have clients with us, please call us and if we have completed our cleaning routine from our previous appointment and have availability to see you, we will be happy to invite you inside the showroom.

2. Cleaning

We will thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces, door handles, chairs, desks and resources between appointments. We have also purchased two ultraviolet UVC 360º disinfection lights that kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses in surrounding areas. One lamp will be used to deep clean the showroom overnight, and a second lamp
that can be taken to a client’s home during kitchen fitting.

2. Site visits

If we come to your home for a pre-arranged site visit or to fit your kitchen, we will work entirely as you feel safest; arriving and leaving at a time to suit you and using whichever entrance to your home you prefer. If you wish, we will wear disposable gloves and face masks while we are speaking with you. Where appropriate, we will either clean all surfaces with an antiviral spray, or, we will set up our UVC lamp disinfection light and within 30-60 minutes (depending on the size of the room), it will be safe for you to use your kitchen without any infection danger.

3. Safe distance

During appointments, we will present designs to you on a big screen so we can safely stay more than 2 metres apart at all times.

4. Hands

We will wash our hands thoroughly between each appointment and regularly use anti-bacterial gel as required. So you can feel comfortable to move around the showroom, we ask that you wash your hands in the area provided when you arrive for your appointment.

5. Temperature

We will take our temperature at the start of each day. If we do have a temperature, we will immediately inform anyone that we have been in close contact with during the last 14 days.

6. Face masks

We are happy to wear face masks both on home visits and in the showroom.

7. Non-contact

Please don’t be offended when we don’t offer to shake your hand. We are adopting a total non-contact approach.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss any aspect of our safety measures or working together through Covid-19, please call us on 01608 690870.