Kitchen design with staying power

When planning your new kitchen, it is important to design a space that you’re going to continue loving for years to come. Whatever your style, successful kitchen design needs to be versatile, well planned and tailored specifically to you and the way that your family live. Think about your current needs and how these are likely to change in the future. For example, how many people cook in the kitchen and what other functions does the space need to achieve?

1. Bright white

The colour of cleanliness and perfection, white kitchens continue to be the first choice unit colour for many people. Creating a blank canvas on which to stamp your personality in a variety of flexible and exciting ways, a crisp, white kitchen is the versatile choice for homeowners. Add contrast with darker worktops, or by adding a section of darker toned drawers. Colour can also be added through soft furnishings such as curtains, tableware and small appliances, or by creating a painted or wallpaper feature wall which can easily be changed.

2. Neutral greys

If you’re lucky to have a kitchen soaked in natural light, you may prefer to consider one of an ever increasing array of grey kitchen units. Currently on trend (and set to stay for a while), greys can vary from cold blue hues to rich warm tones. Remember that colour panels look different in natural or artificial light, so it’s a good idea to take a few samples home with you to see how you feel about them at different times of day and night.

3. Small and mighty

Unless your kitchen has miles of long, empty worktops, small appliances cut down on your valuable workspace and soon make things look cluttered. Designing a kitchen to house your gadgets in accessible and efficient ways can make cooking much easier, safer and look smarter too. Integrated appliances such as microwaves and coffee machines help create clean lines and simplicity in your kitchen design. A butlers pantry with lighting and electrical sockets could be the perfect spot to house your toaster, and as for your kettle, the latest range of boiling hot water taps are safe, efficient and effortless to use.

4. Worktops

The most versatile countertop material available, composite quartz is a mixture of crushed quartz stone and resin. It is extraordinarily durable, resistant to scratches, burns and chips, and offers anti-bacterial properties too. Ranging from solid colours to granite and textured finishes, composite Quartz materials such as Silestone don’t require regular treatment like granite or wood, so they stay looking perfect for longer.

5. Light it up!

Lighting can play both a functional and decorative role in your kitchen and it is important to think about the ‘zones’ of your new kitchen. Invest in LED lights that you can dim and adjust; bright lighting for safer working in preparation zones, calmer lighting for seating and relaxation areas, even adding colour to your lighting if you’re feeling adventurous. Once you have practicality and versatility covered, a statement pendant light can add drama and a focal point to your room.

6. Taps

As well as clearing your worktop of a kettle, modern taps are multi-functioning and offer instant boiling hot water, warm and cold, filtered waters and touch activated operation. Want one? Good news; they can easily be retro-fitted too!

7. Keep it cool

When designing a kitchen with longevity, think about the needs of your family, how you cook, who accesses the kitchen, and how that’s likely to change. One main ‘stay fresh’ larder fridge will prolong the life of your fresh produce; position it centrally between cooking and preparation zones for accessibility and safety during cooking. If you like to entertain, consider a dedicated wine or beer fridge. And if you have space, a small under the counter fridge for kids drinks and snacks can avoid little people raiding your carefully arranged produce and prematurely munching on tomorrow’s dinner.

8. Seating

If your kitchen is a multi-living space where the whole family eats, reads, plays, works and likes to spend time together then you’ll want to have enough space for everyone to sit comfortably. In addition to a table and chairs, consider a breakfast bar or island seating. And if your kitchen is a party space, you could furnish wide bay window ledges with cushions and blankets for impromptu social seating.

9. Easy access

Making sure that your kitchen is easy to work in will protect it from needing updates in years to come. To make life as comfortable as possible, consider deep fill pan drawers, eye level ovens, dedicated pullout corner units and larder cupboards that save us bending and stretching to reach far back corners of cupboards. Appliances are evolving too; we’re having a new ‘comfort lift’ dishwasher installed in our showroom which has a bottom drawer that levers up to top drawer level to reduce bending while loading and unloading dishes.

10. Choose what you love

It can be difficult to balance our ‘head’ and ‘heart’ choices but when designing your new kitchen, it is important to go with what you love. You are far less likely to change your mind about what appeals to you, than following a trend that soon changes and you may regret. You deserve to ‘wowed’ every time you walk in to your new dream kitchen; today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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