New kitchen technology for 2014

The Internet of Things
A new buzz-phrase, the Internet of Things, is making the rounds this year. Its definition, according to, is ‘a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data’. In this case, smart home appliances that are connected to the Internet and each other, constituting the connected home.

V-ZUG appliances
Of course Swiss V-ZUG appliances are already smarter than your average appliance with or without Internet connectivity. From combi-steam ovens, hobs, fridges and microwaves, to dishwashers, washing machines and wine coolers, V-ZUG brings state of the art functionality and pleasing aesthetics to this year’s kitchen.

Intelligent ovens
Not only are V-ZUG combi-steam ovens resplendent in stainless steel and black glass, they feature touch-button technology with programmable heat settings to within a degree. Settings include Hot Air, Humid Hot Air, Gourmet Steam, Steam and Hot Air + Steam. V-ZUG’s precision timing allows food to retain its essential nutrients and flavour. Now that’s smart cooking.

How do V-ZUG combi-steam ovens achieve smart cooking?
Well, steam is produced in an external boiler outside of the oven’s cooking space. Humidity is constantly monitored in order to control the steam supply, which guarantees a low energy and water consumption. This allows for steam to be evenly distributed in the cooking space and ensures a smooth transition between steam and hot air, resulting in gently cooked food that retains its moisture and nutrients.

Smart dishwashers
V-ZUG dishwashers are definitely too stylish to hide behind closed doors (or units to be exact), but of course can be integrated if preferred. With black glass and stainless steel finishes, they add ultra-modern touches to any kitchen design.

They’re also pretty adept at doing the dishes (quietly) with a 19-minute sprint programme, and score A+++ for energy efficiency and A for drying efficiency.

Must-have extras
From ultra quiet Coffee-Centres delivering espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiatos at the touch of a button, to good looking wine coolers chilling wine at the optimum temperature, V-ZUG appliances are definitely made for the design conscious.

Clever design
So when you’re planning your kitchen redesign, don’t forget to factor in the latest technology to enhance your user experience and lifestyle. Appliances can be integrated to achieve an uninterrupted flow to your design, or highlighted to showcase their gorgeous finishes and high-tech features.

The expertise of a kitchen designer can ensure your appliances sit comfortably within your design concept and turn a very practical space into your favourite room in the house.

Give us a call on 01608 690 870 to arrange a visit to our showroom to talk kitchen design and see our incredibly smart V-ZUG appliances in action. You won’t be disappointed.