One kitchen, four different design styles

Bespoke kitchen designs to suit the way that you and your family live.

The kitchen has always been the hardest working room in your home and we are driven to design a space that will work for your family in all the ways that matter to you; a space to cook, relax, entertain and so much more.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to visualise how your new kitchen might look, and decide which aspects of the space are most important to you. We use a variety of tools and techniques to explore a multitude of design options and help you get a feel for your new kitchen.

This is even more important f you are creating a new living space; rearranging kitchen units in an existing kitchen is much easier to visualise than a room that doesn’t exist yet. Imagine being able to virtually stand your new kitchen and choose which island shape will work best, appreciate the zones that have been designed, decide whether you’ll have space for sofas and a dining table, and help you make key architectural design decisions such as window, radiator and wall placement with confidence.

We have taken one room and designed it in four different ways to demonstrate design versatility; modern, country, contemporary and urban style. All sensational looking, über practical and exciting spaces in which to cook, work, eat and enjoy company of family and friends. It’s not just a difference of colours and finishes, but room layouts, work flows, materials and orientations of the room.

Which kitchen design style is your favourite?

1. Contemporary Kitchen

Chelsea Flat Painted Cashmere with Chelsea Trio Walnut feature units and Walnut Geometric End Panels.

2. Country Kitchen

Mosscroft Painted Porcelain & Grey/Blue with Grande Deco Porcelain Feature End Panels.

3. Modern High Gloss Kitchen

Valencia High Gloss Flint with Anthracite Ceramic Feature Units and Geometric Feature End Panels.

4. Urban Kitchen

Abstract Cashmere with Rusty Ceramic Feature Units and Geometric Feature Panels.

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