You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen...

The heart of the home
This rings true now more than ever, with families maximising the benefits of kitchen diners. This crucial space, that doubles up as just about everything else, bar the bedroom and the bathroom, is the main item on the wish-list. Featuring on just about every home makeover or property show on TV at the moment, be it Double Your House for Half the Money or Location, Location, Location.

Family living is becoming increasingly all about the one room – a very hardworking kitchen cum dining cum living space. It needs to feel light and spacious and enable multiple activities from work, rest and play to cooking and dining.

21st Century living
Jona Lewie’s song, ‘You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties’, was used in a TV campaign by IKEA to promote the versatility and sociability of their compact kitchens. This wasn’t just a happy accident or to satisfy a whim of the creative behind the idea, but because it epitomises 21st Century living. Think about it, how many parties have you been to where the kitchen is the social hub? And where the comfortable lounge and its sofa are the territory of the cat or that person who’s overdone it?

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em
Today’s kitchen has a lot of functions to fulfil. It has become the ideal multi-tasking space and the place where family and friends love to hang out. On a daily basis, it meets cooking and dining expectations, but is also a place for homework, working from home and for chilling out.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. With our busy lifestyles, parents can cook, catch up with and keep an eye on their children whilst they do their homework. And with the increasing trend of working from home, the kitchen diner offers a more aesthetically pleasing and practical environment to spend the day in.

In demand
In fact, we’re increasingly asked by our customers to incorporate a study or chill out area within our kitchen designs. It would seem poky offices in the loft and chilly garden offices are becoming more and more redundant. Instead, families are looking to utilise the much more sociable kitchen diner space to meet their growing needs.

If you’d like to maximise your kitchen’s potential, give us a call on 01608 690 870 to discuss and expand on your ideas. For further kitchen inspiration, don’t forget our Pinterest boards and check out our article ‘Key trends for designing your dream kitchen’ in last month’s Cotswold Life.

And yes, you will always find us in the kitchen at parties, as well as in our showroom.